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Henry and Holly Ballester     P.O. Box 1686     Bushnell, Florida  33513

(352)568-2557         ballester@anatolianshepherd.cc          www.anatolianshepherd.cc





Stud dog information:

AKC & UKC Name: Ballesters Rahman, CGC

Call Name: Red    Date of Birth: 1/11/03     AKC#: WS09100903     UKC# P370-286

DNA Profile #: V357603                    Microchip:  Home Again # 44303E4F33

Sire: Clear Creekís Angus

Dam: GR CH Huzurís Cesaret

OFA HD # ANS-1033G25M-PI




Holly and Henry Ballester

P.O. Box 1686

5430 C.R. 634 South

Bushnell, FL  33513




Bitch Information:


Call Name:      Date of Birth:    Registration#              Microchip#






Owners Name:



Kennel Name:


This contract is entered into by:

Stud dog owner: Holly and Henry Ballester


Bitch owner:


The fees for Fresh Chilled  services are*:   FRESH CHILLED IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR BALLESTER'S RAHMAN

Stud fee:  $ ________

Vet Collection fees:  $. This includes:

1)      2 separate collections and shipping of semen to veterinarian of bitch owners choice

2)      Shipping semen of both collections

3)      Insurance on the shipped semen in the amount of $1000.00 for each collection.

Total amount: $

*All payments must be in the form or a money order or a cashiers check.


Amount of $_____   (1/2 the stud fee) plus $_____    (amount of collection and related fees) to be paid prior to semen collection, with the balance of $_____   due when there is a litter of 3 puppies and they are 7 days of age.  Litter registration papers will not be signed unless stud fees are paid in full.


 Frozen Semen:

Stud fee: $1200.00   Amount of $800.00 to be paid prior to the shipping of semen with the balance of $400. to be paid when the litter is born.

Bitch owner is responsible for any and all fees associated with this breeding, including but not limited to semen shipping fees, progesterone testing fees, insemination fees and all veterinary services.

Bitch owner is responsible for all testing done to the bitch prior to and during breeding to assure the proper timing of said breeding. 


The Litter:

A litter consists of 3 or more live puppies at 7 days after whelp. If breeding does not take, then one repeat breeding will be given to the same bitch on her next season. All fees payable by bitch owner.  If other arrangements havenít been made with the stud dog owner and bitch is not bred on her next season or is bred to another stud dog on her next season then all payments are forfeited and the contract is null and void. If bitch owner has only one to two live puppies and does not wish to repeat the breeding, the deposit paid prior to breeding will be considered payment for a one or two puppy litter and the contract is fulfilled.

If there is no litter after the second AI, the original deposit will be kept by stud dog owner and no further contractual agreements or semen will be made available due to the fact that the stud dog is diseased and there is a  limited amount of frozen semen available.



Prior to breeding Stud dog owner will provide Bitch owner with: 1) 3- generation pedigree, 2) copy of AKC and UKC registrations, 3) copy of OFA Hips, Elbows and Thyroid.


Bitch owner will provide Stud dog owner with: 1) 3- generation pedigree, 2) copy of AKC/UKC registration, 3) copy of OFA Hips 4) copy of a recent thyroid test 4) a current clear Brucellosis screening, 5) copy of the puppy contract.


Puppy Placement

Bitch owner agrees to sell all puppies on a written contract. A copy of this contract must be furnished to Stud Dog owner prior to first breeding taking place.

Puppies resulting from the breeding may not be sold to brokers, pet shops, auction or puppy mills.



Bitch owner agrees to provide Stud Dog owner with a list of names and addresses of owners of puppies resulting from this breeding along with the AKC and/or UKC names and numbers of each puppy.

Puppies must be sold with a first right of refusal clause.

Stud dog owner must be informed of puppies that are returned for any reason. An effort will be made on the Stud dog owners part to help Bitch owner find a new home for said puppy. Stud dog owner wishes Bitch owner to understand that he/she takes the breeding of said Stud Dog very seriously and will be very interested in the puppies resulting from this litter for their entire lifetime.


Additions/ Exceptions/Etc.

Additional agreements may include one puppy back to the Stud Dog Owenr at no charge. All shipping fees including crate, health certificate, airbill costs will be paid by the Stud dog owner.


I understand the above written contract and agree to abide by all sections both typed and written.

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Bitch Owner(s)                                                                                                             date

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Stud Dog Owner(s)                                                                                                       date