Text Box: SIRE:  Ballesterís Squirrel, OFA Good

Text Box: Sakandarís Shah, CGC, OFA Prelim Exc and GDC Good

Text Box: GR CH Huzurís Cesaret, OFA Good

Text Box: Salad Fork Augie, OFA Excellent
Text Box: PUPPY

Text Box: Fox Meadowís Sihri Hanim, OFA Good

Text Box: CH Shahbazin Alp Arslan, OFA Excellent

Text Box: Marandaís Saz Mevlana, OFA Excellent

Text Box: DAM:  Caatskillís Jenna, CGC, OFA Good

Text Box: Adanaís Bono at Caatskill. OFA Good

Text Box: CH Caatskillís I Get Misty, OFA Excellent

Text Box: Menzi (in Turkey)

Text Box: Lady (in Turkey)

Text Box: CH Cobankopegi Ala, OFA Good

Text Box: CH Sinopís C.I..D. of Breezyway, OFA Excellent


Ballester's Squirrel  x Caatskill's Jenna, CGC
3-Generation Pedigree with Hip Ratings