CH Growlsburgs Khara

...Our first Anatolian...

ASDI's National Specialty Winner: 1996 and 1997
ARBA's #1 Anatolian: 1996
UKC's #1 Anatolian: 1997
Tournament of Champions Finalist placed 4th, San Diego, CA


[Khara ASDI Specialty Winner]]

"It might be in the middle of the afternoon, maybe somewhere in the middle of the night,
I might not be thinking of anything at all, when a ...shadow in the room ...will catch the light.
And my heart jumps, cause all at once, there you are standing right in front of me.
There you are, lovely as you'll always be. Here I go, back onto those memories where you are still here with me.
- Willy Nelson


To our dearest Khara, you are our heart and soul and we will hold you there forever.

Khara represents the Anatolian Shepherd in the magazine Caies & Cia , Sao Paulo, Brasil

Khara died when her adjustable collar accidently strangled her...
Remember Khara...


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   (an article about collar safety)

It is early evening and a couple is taking a hike through the woods with their dogs. When one doesn’t return as he usually does, the couple anxiously begins searching. They finally find their dog with a tree branch wedged in his collar. Much to their horror, they are too late to save him.

It is a Saturday afternoon and a family goes out onto their deck to enjoy the weather. They are shocked to find their dog lying breathless across the deck. His collar tags were stuck between the floorboards and in circling to try to free himself, the collar twisted and he was strangled.

A young woman returns home from work to find her dog hanging on the fence post. In jumping up, his collar was hopelessly hooked onto the wire and the weight of his own body choked him.

A man comes out of his house to do yard work and hears someone screaming for help. He finds his neighbor standing under the automatic garage door with her dog on her shoulders. When she opened the door to let the dog out, his collar hooked onto the door and he was dragged up with it. His life was literally in her hands.

And then there is my story of our beloved  anatolian shepherd, Khara. On my way out, I heard yelping and saw our one-year-old puppy and Khara lying in the grass. When I ran over to them, the puppy’s teeth and jaw were horribly twisted in Khara’s adjustable collar. I panicked and tried to free them but couldn’t. I saw my Khara’s eyes looking at me, heard the gurgles of her last breath, but was unable to save her. It is a nightmare I relive daily and which will haunt me forever.

Collars are DEADLY. How many dogs are accidentally injured or killed when their collars become caught? Unbelievably, there are no statistics on collar accidents. None. No one knows. Since Khara’s death, we have been shocked at the number of owners who have shared their collar stories with us. Some had happy endings, however many did not. Be aware of the ways in which collars can kill!

What can an owner do to prevent such tragedy? That was the question we asked ourselves. We were becoming more and more frightened to send our dogs out with a collar, but also knew it was necessary that they wear one. For 6 weeks after Khara’s death, we spoke with other dog owners and searched catalogs and the internet for a collar that would break away when pressure was put on it. Our search finally ended when we gratefully received an email from another owner about the Chinook and Company’s   Breakaway Safety Collar (888-643-5109). It was developed after Chinook was killed in a collar accident…his story is the first one described in this article.

Please practice collar safety. Never put a choke chain on an unsupervised dog.  Sew the sliding , adjustable parts together. Remove collars when they are not needed and use the Breakaway Collar if you can. It is something you can do not only for your pet, but also for yourself. If we had known about the dangers of collars, Khara would still be with us today.

Holly Ballester